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A website to promote your knowledge of the Electronic & Online Media.



Up to date information and learning materials on electronic/online journalism, as well as electronic /online public relations can be found here.



The wiki is also a good media for sharing knowledge in the field of Social Media.

Online Communications Weblog


The weblog, dedicated to Hamid Reza Akrami's teaching activities at different universities, including Allameh Tabatabaei and Soore, is a place where students can find relevant information for the courses they attend.

The weblog is in Persian Language and regularly updated.

Social Media Wiki


This wiki is used to create specialized and accurate knowledge on Social Media and the new concepts relevant to them.

Everyone is welcome to participate and help evolve the body of knowledge about different social media and their effect on our lives.

Hamid Reza Akrami


As an Online Communications and New Media Expert (PhD. Social Communications- Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, IRAN) and Computer Software Engineer, he is now teaching several courses in the field of electronic/online communications.

Feel free to contact (akrami@collej.net) if you have any question or find a common ground for cooperation.

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